The Americans With Disabilities Act: 26 Years of Progress

ADA celebrates 26th year anniversary

Imagine a World Without Stairs

Think about all the things in this world that you would no longer be able to access. Your favorite restaurant? Doctor’s office? Your own home? How would this make you feel?

If you were a person with a disability living in the U.S. before the 1990’s, this feeling was (and may still be) a familiar one. The very architecture of society was structured in such a way that ignored the rights of Americans with disabilities.

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Quick Tips for Accessible Higher Education

Fingers Typing

Apply Yourself!

By Elise Giacobbe

The college application process is stressful, frustrating and time-consuming for everyone. When you need to dig deeper into your research aside from major, location and the price of higher education, that is when things can get challenging. Research for families of people with disabilities and special needs doubles, if not triples. When selecting a school, you must carefully consider

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Employment and Disability: New Jersey at Work

Words having to do with employment

by Erin Jerome

Employment First for People with Disabilities

It has been four years since Governor Chris Christie announced New Jersey’s involvement with Employment First, a national movement aiming to make integrated employment a priority for people of all abilities. As new policies and programs are rolled out to make jobs more accessible, we are challenged to approach new opportunities with a marked change in philosophy: that people with disabilities

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