Hirsh Singh Statement

With each passing day, people with disabilities are becoming more vulnerable as they face uncertainty and a loss of services in this pandemic. Your funds will help us keep some critcal services in place right now, like our mental health services.
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Hirsh Signh NJ Governor candidate
Hirsh Singh (R)

Our campaign is focused on the people, their issues, problems, and empowering them. We applaud the community advocacy and the support Easterseals has shown to NJ. We believe that proper funding of such services is essential for the public good and well-being of the state. We agree with funding through Medicaid and other state sources and feel a portion of the lottery should be dedicated to ensuring coverage of more disabled individuals in society. We support ensuring accessibility, community inclusiveness, and employment opportunities where it is possible and to work with institutions like Easterseals and others to ensure our citizens are treated in a dignified, fair, and community focused.



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