Steven Rogers Statement

With each passing day, people with disabilities are becoming more vulnerable as they face uncertainty and a loss of services in this pandemic. Your funds will help us keep some critcal services in place right now, like our mental health services.
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Steven Rogers NJ governor candidate
Steven Rogers (R)

After meeting with hundreds of NJ citizens with disabilities I have learned very much about their needs. Hence, as Governor I will lead the effort to reduce and in many cases eliminate bureaucratic red tape that is causing unnecessary delays in much-needed services citizens with disabilities need.

Additionally, I am going to create the most efficient and effective Dog/animal sanctuary that will include therapy dogs/animals, therapists, and others to specifically work with citizens with disabilities including autistic children.

This sanctuary will employ citizens with disabilities as well as provide training and education programs for them.  There is much more to share about this project. If anyone would like to assist us please email

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