Halloween Without the Scary Price Tag

Halloween Scary Wallet

by Shruthi Srinivas

Costume Woes to Wins

Halloween is almost here and everyone wants to be part of the spooky fun. But the toughest part is finding the perfect costume for a reasonable price. As a person with a disability, this can be doubly difficult as some of the cheaper costumes on the market may not be the best for your body type or may end up causing sensory distress. So how do you get around the costs this Halloween? Make your own costume!

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The Americans With Disabilities Act: 26 Years of Progress

ADA celebrates 26th year anniversary

Imagine a World Without Stairs

Think about all the things in this world that you would no longer be able to access. Your favorite restaurant? Doctor’s office? Your own home? How would this make you feel?

If you were a person with a disability living in the U.S. before the 1990’s, this feeling was (and may still be) a familiar one. The very architecture of society was structured in such a way that ignored the rights of Americans with disabilities.

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