Megan Tells Us What Camp Means to Her

Photo of Mary and TEXT: What does camp mean to you?

Megan came to Camp Merry Heart as a camper and had a fantastic time. So much so, that she couldn’t stay away. She came back as a volunteer because she wanted to help make sure other campers were able to experience camp the way she did. We ask her what makes her feel so strongly about the camp experience.

Camp and Disability

Megan says, “I come to Camp Merry Heart because it is fun and I get to meet different people and learn about different cultures. As a child, I went to elks camp more and once I was old enough I became a camp counselor. I was able to connect with the campers on a personal level because we all went to camp together as kids.”

Picture of Mary at Camp Merry Heart main office

Her inspiration to help others doesn’t stop at camp though, explaining how she also finds time to educate others:

“I have 3 different teacher’s certifications and a teaching degree from Caldwell University. Now I teach elementary education, middle school, and English language arts to students with disabilities. Special education has taught me to be more patient in overcoming diversity in my own disability and also in working with people with disabilities.”

We have to agree – Megan’s patience and abilities are an asset to Camp Merry Heart and we’re so thankful to have her on campus.

Join the Camp Family!

“Now being at Easterseals Camp Merry Heart I am able to reconnect with some of my old friends. My favorite activity at Camp Merry Heart is arts and crafts and I always look forward to coming back”

Thank you so much for reading Megan’s story. In case you were wondering, camp registration is open for the upcoming summer respite sessions. Sign up today and join Megan as part of the Easterseals New Jersey, Camp Merry Heart family.

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