‘22 - ‘23
Annual Impact Report
Easterseals New Jersey
“Support is the key to opening
new opportunities for people
with disabilities.“
- Brian Fitzgerald, CEO
all abilities
limitless possibilities
I'm heartened by the progress we've made together in empowering individuals with disabilities.
Our approach has been about serving the whole person, addressing key social determinants of health
including stable housing, meaningful employment, and robust community support. This holistic focus on
health and well-being reects our commitment to the long-term success and stability of those we serve.
Thanks to your partnership, we've adapted to changes by strengthening our nancial foundation, enriching
our service portfolio, and enhancing our operational eciency. Our new headquarters and expanded
residential services are milestones of our growth.
Your contributions to our advocacy eorts have helped us champion a more inclusive and accessible world.
Together, we've made strides in policy inuence and community engagement.
Looking ahead, with your continued support and engagement, we are excited to face new challenges,
break down barriers, and further enrich the lives of those we serve.
Thank you for being an essential part of our extraordinary journey.
Brian Fitzgerald
Message from President & CEO
overall satisfaction rate across all programs and services.
of individuals in our mental health residental services avoided
hospitilization due to a mental health crisis.
f participants in our employment support programs who
were hired in the workforce retained employment for over 90 days.
Employment Services
Mental Health Services
CenterPath Wellness Counseling
Community & Day Programs
Financial Management
With the support of our sta members, we were able to provide
help and hope to 825 individuals throughout the year,
connecting them to outside resources 93% of the time.
When I was rst met with my personal challenges I had no idea where to
even start looking for help. I am so thankful to come across Easterseals
New Jersey. Thank you so much for the guidance during this time.
“I was talking to my friend and she recommended I reach out to
Easterseals New Jersey. I am so happy I called because I was able to
get the help I needed.
“You have no idea how much your help has meant to me during this
time of my life. A huge thank you to Easterseals New Jersey for
listening to me and working hard to find the right resources.
You call. We listen. We help.
Through our Information & Referral program, even if youre not eligible for our services, we do not
leave you without support. Easterseals New Jersey strives to deliver helpful resources and additional
information for those seeking assistance.
Looking for resources?
Give us a call at 855-215-4541
Email us at info@nj.easterseals.com