Joseph Rudy Rullo Statement

Joseph Rudy Rullo governor candidate
Joseph Rudy Rullo (R)

I was recently honored to be the host for the Cupid’s 5K run by Community Options. It was a fundraiser to help people with disabilities in Seaside Heights.  I committed to host next February as well.

This is not an issue to me as much as a responsibility I feel in my heart. My mom had a debilitating mental illness as far as I can remember as a 5 year old boy. I completely understand the challenge affecting both the individual with the disability and the caretaker/loved ones. My father who was a hero to me for always taking care of my mom for all those years recently lost his battle with Glioblastoma, one of the worst forms of primary brain cancer. I spent two years working with my mom to beat a 3 month life expectation and he got two years. I watched a man who did everything for me become completely disabled over a very short time. With that being said, I have always understood the impact on finances, success and happiness with that of disability challenges. So much corruption and waste in this state for contributors and special interest, yet they cut services for the most vulnerable individuals. I want to work to empower individuals with disabilities as Governor. I briefly worked with Team Randy to provide a day of fun with Laser tag and dining for their organization. I learned a great deal from some of the great individuals with disabilities I met. So many of them want to work but are limited due to opportunity and transportation. My belief is this solves many challenges including independence for disabled and economic stabilization for caretakers and disabled, establishes self-esteem and confidence and of course contributes to the overall economy of NJ. Most people have no comprehension the cost and overall energy needed to be a caretaker for a loved one who has a disability. This can be one of the greatest challenges of our economic life time. I’m not a career politician. I’ve never had a political job or contract. I’m running for Governor of NJ to help fix NJ and hope I covered some areas I can contribute to individuals with disabilities.

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