Phil Murphy Statement

Phil Murphy Governor Candidate
Phil Murphy (D)

As governor, Phil is determined to make New Jersey the most inclusive and most accessible place to live, work, and raise a family for people with disabilities. That goal begins with our state government.

Even as he was handing out billions of dollars in corporate tax giveaways, Governor Christie cut vital programs that fund housing and lower property taxes for our low-income residents. Phil will never put special interests ahead of those residents who most need our help.

In addition, Phil will work to better coordinate state services for people with disabilities. Currently, Trenton provides an array of disability-related programs, services, and supports. Many are good. Most, however, are unknown or seemingly beyond the reach of those who need them most. Phil believes we need to do better.

As Governor, Phil will make sure that people with disabilities have a seat at our policy-making table. That will be true for the full range of issues, from housing and transportation to employment and education to emergency preparedness and response. And that will be true for children, adults, seniors and veterans.

For Phil, improving the lives of people with disabilities is a top priority.

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