Raymond Lesniak Statement

Raymond Lesniak Governor NJ
Raymond Lesniak (D)

It has been a founding bed-rock American tradition that when a citizen has an impediment to the pursuit of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, in particular, when that impediment is not chosen by that citizen and that citizen needs a helping hand, the community responds.

People with disabilities and special needs are valued citizens who we have an American commitment to lend a helping hand so they also may be able to pursue their American Dream and be valued members of our communities.

Those with special needs should have that ‘helping hand’ extended by us to provide those means needed for them to be able to participate in community activities and life to that best to extend of their abilities.

The community must be committed to make as much as possible buildings, public transportation, jobs, voting booths and all other public facilities accessible to all our citizens using a reasonable but consistent approach with specific goals and resources to achieve those ends.

New Jersey is an Employment First State and as such all people with disabilities and special needs should have the resources and chance to be trained and work in a full paying job.  Where extra support is needed that should be provided.  Where after all efforts are exhausted then alternate opportunities need to be in place.  No citizen can be valued if they are left to sit at home with no meaningful way of contributing back to our community or Nation.

While these goals are laudable, they are meaningless unless the community has the financial means for these supports.

Medicaid, Medicare, social security must be preserved and not allowed to be siphoned off and the funding transferred to those who are wealthy.

We must protect our education, transportation, and community supports that are funded through programs such as the New Jersey Casino Revenues.

We must protect the community non for profits who, managed by volunteer community boards, are closest to the issues and needs of those people with disabilities and special needs whom require that helping hand.

It is our moral and one of our most essential duties as American Citizens to lend a hand to all our citizens so they also can enjoy life, liberty and the meaningful pursuit of happiness.


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