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Bill Brennan NJ Governor Candidate
Bill Brennan R)

I am a staunch advocate of properly funding and caring for the disabled members of our human family.  A government that leaves those who struggle on their own is not succeeding at a fundamental level and does not represent a compassionate society.

Currently, the State of NJ is facing a crisis with the “fee for service” changes to the funding of programs that provide services for the disabled.  I have pledged to compensate facilities that would otherwise have to displace those in their care as a result of this extremely short sighted policy change.

Specifically, I have made it part of my agenda to hold up JESPY house as a model of how to effectively provide care while including those of us who are developmentally disabled within their communities.  Quite simply, these programs are a resounding success.  With so much in NJ that is profoundly broken, the last thing government ought get involved in is changing a success story for a few pennies on the dollar – the ramifications will out cost any perceived savings.

In response to the Trump tax cuts disguised as a healthcare; I have a plan to make a proportionate tax increase at the state level.  In other words, if a billionaire gets a federal tax credit/cut of $30,000 he or she will see a $30,000 tax increase at the state level.  Those funds will be used to protect the most vulnerable among us who are under assault by a republican controlled federal government.  Moreover, we keep 100% of every state tax dollar whereas we get less than 50 cents on the dollar back from Washington.

As to accessibility for the disabled, it has been 27 years since the ADA was passed and we have not achieved its goal.  At some point, we must invest in retrofitting public spaces so that all of us are free to enjoy access without limitation.  In my experience, the worst offenders are often government agencies who have managed to avoid compliance for far too long. I will not tolerate further delay.

My website provides details on where we can raise revenue to provide the necessary resources to improve the lives of people with special needs, this investment will enrich our society, stimulate our economy and save immeasurable heartache.  With love as a motive in my policies, we can get past the selfish and greedy system that is taking control of our government.


Bill Brennan 


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