Creative Ways to Keep Connected This Winter

Creative ways to keep connected this Winter

Wintertime can be challenging for many people, especially during this socially distant time. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, many family members were separated for the holidays and were not able to participate in their usual family traditions. It is so important to check in with your mental health and make extra efforts to connect with loved ones. Cold, snowy weather has even made outdoor dining and activities hard to find.

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Disability / Sensory Friendly Santa is Coming to New Jersey!

Sensory Friendly Santa

Disability / Sensory Friendly Santa is Coming to Town!

We recently highlighted a story on about sensory friendly Santas holding events that are designed to be accessible for young persons and adults with disabilities. If you have ever attended a traditional gathering of jolly ole’ Saint Nick at your local mall or community center, you will remember the long lines, loud noises, and Santas that might not be exposed to the special needs population. This is usually NOT a sensory/communication friendly experience, but these Santas are looking to change all that.

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Terrific Thanksgiving Tips – Safety, Gratitude, & Inclusion

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is here and we want to share a few holiday safety tips so you can enjoy a safe and fun holiday. It is also a time to reflect on the things you are grateful for and ensure that all can partake in this family-themed holiday. Read on to hear from our staff and a parent of one of our program participants.  

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Halloween Costumes for Individuals Living With Disabilities

UntitledeHalloween can be one of the most exciting holidays for individuals of all ages.  From the fun costumes, to all the candy, no one wants to be left out of trick-or-treating or attending fun Halloween parties where they have the opportunity to become something else for a night.  However, for individuals living with disabilities, the task of finding a Halloween costume may be a struggle, or they might find the experience of  wearing one a bit troublesome due to sensory issues.  While store bought costumes may work just fine, there is also a chance they can be scratchy and uncomfortable to wear for some.  Some store bought costumes also may not be designed for individuals who use walkers, canes, are in wheelchairs, etc.  But do not give up!  There are several options to address the above concerns and many different costumes out there that can be adapted or created to suit individuals living with a disability.

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