Disability, Life, and Moments That Matter


Moments pass, life changes, we move on.

There are those times however, that stick out as significant and universal. Maybe it’s when you graduated high school? Or got your driver’s license? Or the first time you tied your own shoes? These moments are milestones. We use them as indicators of a life fully lived. All people, whether they have a disability or not, are entitled to seek out, experience, and celebrate their own life’s moments.

Man w disability and Woman smiling That’s why we have officially launched our #lifesmoments public awareness campaign. This campaign is shining a light on how people with disabilities are experiencing their life’s moments by overcoming challenges such as physical barriers, cultural biases, communication difficulty and more. Easterseals New Jersey staff work side-by-side with our program participants to identify problems, find solutions, and take bold action to help people with disabilities and special needs live their lives to the fullest. The individual served will then take the reins and drive him or herself towards a successful outcome.

Disability and Personal Success

Success should be celebrated. True accomplishment is never easy. When we try something new, the path can feel unfamiliar and frightening. The trip can be fraught with self-doubt and worry. These are familiar feelings for anyone attempting to achieve a life goal. As service providers, we are afforded the unique opportunity to watch as our participants conquer these feelings and seize victory. This is our way of celebrating those triumphs, by sharing our participant’s stories with the world.

See, Share, and Celebrate!

Man on mountain, text: Celebrate and Share #lifesmomentsThis is your chance to become a part of this movement! Show your support for people with disabilities across New Jersey by following the link below. You will be taken to our campaign’s main page where you can watch videos that detail some of our participant’s life’s moments. Share these videos with your social network to help spread the word!

While you’re at it, share a short video of your own telling us about a time you achieved your life’s moments. You may see it appear on our feed below if you use the tag #lifesmoments.


Thank you for working with us to take on disability, together.

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