Survey Shows: Americans with Disabilities are a Major Voting Block

There is still time to request an absentee ballot in New Jersey

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By November 1, 2022 you can request a mail-in paper ballot. Start by pressing this link:

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Americans with Disabilities Have a Voice!

There are many realms in our society where Americans with disabilities are consistently fighting to be included and appropriately accommodated. But, when it comes to having a voice where it really counts—at the voting booths—almost 38 million adults (50 and older) with disabilities are “politically active and engaged leading into the upcoming midterm election,” according to a recent national survey conducted by Easterseals, AARP, and Pathfinder Opinion Research.

It should come as no surprise this population of voters care about issues like inflation, Social Security, and Medicare, the August 2022 survey results revealed.

“Further, this group, who relies heavily on early vote methods and other various accommodations to participate in elections, displays broad and bipartisan support for policies that make it easier to vote and are deeply concerned that politicians passing restrictive voting laws are making it more difficult for older Americans and adults with disabilities to participate electorally,” according to the report summary.

Key Points of Note:

  • 9 in 10 Americans with disabilities are registered to vote.
  • 89% of those registered voters say they will “definitely” or “probably” vote in the 2022 midterm elections.
  • However, only 47% of voters with disabilities (and even fewer people over age 50 in the same population—39%) say they plan to vote in person at their respective polling locations on Election Day, Nov. 8, 2022.
  • This population uses early voting methods because almost 50% require special accommodations. You can obtain a mail-in ballot here.

“By combining these survey results with Census estimates for this population, we can conclude that there are more than 33 million registered voters with disabilities in America, and nearly 30 million of these voters are likely to turn out in the 2022,” the report said.

Always looking to increase public awareness of the millions of people living with disabilities in the United States, Easterseals was happy to partner with Pathfinder and AARP to uncover the population’s views on this year’s elections. Easterseals maintains that it’s critically important for all Americans to understand their voting rights and to use their voice whenever possible at the polls.

Current laws diminish this voting population’s access to vote because accommodations are not mandated. As such, the survey also revealed “There is strong bipartisan support for reform that would make it easier for voters with disabilities and those 50+ to vote.”

Voters over the age of 50 with disabilities are, indeed, a major voting block in this country. The three entities summarized their efforts with this survey like this: “Together, we want to make certain people with disabilities know their voting rights, including when, where, and how to vote. The disability community is a powerful force that will not be silenced this election.”

You can view the full summary of this study here

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