The Greatest Thing about Having a Child with Special Needs

A Proud Father Speaks About Special Needs

Last month, we spoke about different steps you could be taking to best manage your loved one’s disability. This month, we’d like to focus on the bond that forms between a parent and a child with special needs. That’s why we sat down with Harold Finkel, retired engineer, Easter Seals volunteer, and parent of a child with special needs to ask him abouthis relationship with his son.


Eric Packages Materials at the Work Center
Eric at the work center

ES: What’s the greatest thing about having a child with special needs?

Harold: That’s a great question. I never
thought about why being a parent of a special needs child is “great.” It’s great because the loving relationship continues throughout life and is mutual between parent and child. What greater gift can God give us but to be loved and give our love to our children? Special needs children need special love and God gives us the strength to be there for them, every day.

ES: Tell us more about what your relationship is like with Eric (Harold’s son)?

Harold: My son is a very special needs person. He reminds us every day how much Quote from parent of a child with special needshe needs us and what makes him happy or unhappy. His mother and I reciprocate.
They say a mother is a mother until the son catches a wife. Well, for a special needs child, a mother or father is always there — forever.

ES: And what about Eric as an individual?

Harold: Eric is a genuine person. He has a big heart, open to everyone. He passes it on to everyone he meets. He has an honesty that is most rare in people, a friendliness we all wish we could possess and a happiness we wish we all could achieve – truly genuine.

ES: Any additional thoughts?

Harold: Sure, there are times when I wish it could’ve been different, but it’s still great to have a child with special needs. Eric underwent traumatic surgery – lost a limb. But his courage and love of his mother is what brought him through. I’m glad he lives his own life and is happy to be a part of Easter Seals. You can tell because he sings to himself a lot; the theme song from Annie, Tomorrow.

ES: Does that song hold any significance?

Harold: It’s a very inspirational song. Just listen to the lyrics and you’ll know what it means to us…

Click the link below to listen to the song that both Harold and Eric keep in their hearts:

Lyric Video: The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

To learn more about Eric and the fantastic work he’s doing at Easter Seals, go to: A Fun Working Life, for All Abilities!

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