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First Job? Pursuing Passion? Helping Others? These are the milestones of a life well lived.

See and share the videos below to learn how Easterseals is making #lifesmoments possible throughout New Jersey for people of all abilities.

Earl - "Back to Work"

When the economy took a turn for the worse in 2008, Earl Brown lost his job. As he looked for new work, Earl found that he had fallen into the gap of “too old to hire, too young to retire.” When he turned 55, he reached out to Easterseals Employment Services and a year and a half later, Earl is back to work; grateful to fulfill one of his #lifesmoments – Back to Work.

Have you ever had trouble getting hired? Share this video and tell us about your #lifesmoments!

Elizabeth - "Bouncing Back"

When you are a person of advanced age with no job and limited job skills, you can find yourself isolated from the modern world. That’s why Elizabeth sought out Easterseals Employment Services. With the program’s help, she was able to find a job and establish a stable income to support her active lifestyle. We couldn’t be happier to have played a part in her #lifesmoments – Bouncing Back.

When in your life did you have to “Bounce Back?” Share this video and tell us about your #lifesmoments!

Walter - "Pursuing Passion"

You can’t help but smile as you see Walter’s passion for photography. Before he came to Easterseals New Jersey, his struggles with mental health stopped him from practicing his craft. After becoming part of a BHS monitored residence, Walter got back on his feet and back to work. Walter shows us that with dedication and a helping hand, you can achieve your #lifesmoments – Pursuing Passion.

What’s your passion? Share this video and tell us about your #lifesmoments!

Ron - "Living Well"

It’s hard enough to eat healthy and exercise, but when you have a developmental disability, those challenges can be magnified. Participating in Easterseals New Jersey’s Be Well and Thrive Program has helped Ronald make fantastic strides towards increased mobility and physical independence. See Ronald walking tall after he experienced one of his #lifesmoments – Living Well.

Have you found your way to “Live Well?” Share this video and tell us about your #lifesmoments!

Saleemah - "Helping Others"

There’s a special kind of joy we all feel when helping someone in need. How can a person with a disability, who requires regular specialized assistance, experience this joy for themselves? Watch the video above to find out how participation in an Easterseals New Jersey Day Program helped one program participant to experience one of #lifesmoments – Helping Others.

When’s the last time you had the chance to help someone in need? Share this video and tell us about your #lifesmoments!

Jeff - "Landing Your First Job"

Interviewing for your first job can be scary. Now imagine trying to find a new job when you have low hearing and American Sign Language is your primary mode of communication? Watch this video and find out how Easterseals New Jersey’s Employment Services, made sure Jeffery is now earning a well-deserved paycheck and was able to experience his #lifesmoments – Landing Your First Job.

What was your first job? Share this video and tell us about your #lifesmoments!


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