“Easterseals has been a tremendous pillar in my life and in Christian’s life because if not I wouldn’t be able to work, who’s going to watch him for me? I know he’s safe, I know he has a strong team. There’s people that are well guided and well trained and while I’m at work, I’m at peace”


Thanks to all your hard work, we were able to achieve a major victory with the recent passage of the state budget. This budget includes $25 million for increasing Day Habilitation funding, $42 million for better wages for Direct Support Professionals and supervisors, increased funding for Supported Employment, and sustained increased funding rates for residential services that were implemented during the pandemic.

NJ Fiscal Year/2022 Budget Status

These are just a few of the items included in the budget that we are excited about. This funding would not have been possible without the hard work of our advocates, staff, and their families. Still, even with this victory, there is important work left to be done. Join our network of committed advocates so we can achieve more victories like these!

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We have also blown away our goal of sending 1,000 emails to legislators about funding for programs and DSP wages. Together, we have sent over 1,500 emails since the beginning of our campaign!

Since January

emails have been sent