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Angel and Rachel

“Although his mental and physical health conditions initially posed a significant barrier to his journey to the other side, Angel’s triumphant spirit paired with a dedicated team of Easterseals employees proved that employment is attainable for anyone with the right supports and a commitment to pursuing their goals.”

As the nation struggles with record unemployment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re all reminded of how important our jobs are to our overall wellbeing. Hopefully, we will find ourselves on the other side of this pandemic and the jobs will return, but we can’t forget that even before the pandemic, people with disabilities were already struggling to find work.

As companies rebuild their ranks, we need to make sure they are actively recruiting and creating accommodations for applicants with disabilities.

So what can you do to make so that we ALL arrive on the other side of unemployment?

1.  You can download our pledge and bring it to either your CEO or Head of HR to have them sign and agree to hire 10% more individuals with disabilities over the next 10 months.

We aim to have 10 companies sign the pledge, opening the door for hundreds to find and obtain employment.

2. If you are a company executive, you can also download these Checklists for Inclusive Hiring and Inclusive Reopening!