“Reginald learned how to maintain good relationships with his peers and handle his mental illness with great success … Reggie really is an inspiration to the others.” 

The pandemic has taken a serious toll on our collective mental health, but for individuals with severe mental illness, it has been particularly taxing. All traditional support programs, including in-person mental health counseling, has been disrupted, putting those affected at greater risk of falling into a mental health crisis.

Even without a global pandemic, critical counseling services can be hard to reach for some – physically and financially. Thankfully, there is a solution. Technological advances have allowed us to reach those we serve with Telehealth solutions. Now that the Governor has signed S-2559, all New Jerseyans will have access to telehealth services! This legislation requires all insurers, including Medicaid and NJ Family Care to cover telehealth services and to pay for them at the same rate they pay for comparable in-person services. By ensuring an equal playing field for telehealth services, we can now make vitally important mental healthcare available and easy to access for those in need.

Together we sent more than 400 emails to legislators and the Governor to fight for telehealth accessibility legislation and more than 200 mental health professionals and advocates signed our petition. Thank you for your hard work and advocacy!

What can you do to keep us moving forward on this important issue to ensure everyone can access care?

You can:

Telehealth Bill Status

Thanks to the hard work of advocates like you, New Jersey has enacted one of our nation’s most progressive and robust pieces telehealth accessibility legislation!