Angel’s Journey to the Other Side of Anguish

When Angel first met with his Easterseals career exploration coordinator to discuss his employment plans, he was just coming out of an extremely difficult period in his life where he was experiencing depression and suicidal thoughts on a regular basis. After taking some time to work on his mental wellbeing, he was more motivated than ever to work hard, improve his skills, and obtain community employment.

Angel soon began job sampling and found that he loved being out in the community and getting to meet new people – it had a wonderfully positive impact on his physical and mental health. Staff at Angel’s job site took notice of his enthusiasm and how well he performed his job responsibilities. After only 5 weeks of job sampling with Verna’s Flight Line Café in Millville, Angel was offered a job!

Now, after earning his first paycheck, Angel is looking forward to his future and developing additional skills in the hospitality industry. Although his mental and physical health conditions initially posed a significant barrier to his journey to the other side, Angel’s triumphant spirit paired with a dedicated team of Easterseals employees proved that employment is attainable for anyone with the right supports and a commitment to pursuing their goals.

Because Verna’s Flight Line Café made the proper accommodations by allowing Angel to test his skills in different areas around the business, they have earned a dedicated and positive employee. Angel is now optimistic about his future and looking forward to the opportunities that await him. Through his employment experience, Angel learned that On the Other Side of Anguish is…Optimism.

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