“it gives him the ability to get to know people his own age and establish a fun peer group. When socialization is made accessible, he is not isolated or excluded for any reasons.”

Social distancing has been an effective tool we have employed to keep the COVID-19 infection at bay, but it has also caused us to become more isolated than ever. Individuals with disabilities more so than most, as many of the online activities we all enjoy are inaccessible. Even before this pandemic, accessible socialization was hard to come by, but now it’s almost nonexistent.

We want to change all that. In addition to creating virtual activities which can be delivered remotely to promote physical, mental, and social wellness at home, we would also like to expand on our traditional respite services.

So what can you do to make so that we ALL arrive on the other side of this social isolation?

You can sign up for our advocacy network and email your local legislators and start advocating for increased accessible socialization services today!