Nichelle - Assistive Technology

“The availability of more diverse accommodating technology allowed Nichelle to explore what method of communication is the most comfortable and helpful for her. Nichelle now knows that, as her needs change over time, there is technology to accommodate her.”

“Communication is key” is a phrase we hear when we discuss work, relationships, sports – pretty much any action that involves more than one person. Yet, for those who are deaf, hard or hearing , blind, or have low-vision, much of the communication we put out there is left inaccessible.

While one person enjoys their favorite television program, another individual is unable to understand it due to a lack of captioning. Imagine a company hosts a town hall for an important announcement to their employees and forget to provide a sign language interpreter. Perhaps a patient is trying to decide between two medicines and there is no braille to identify them. You can see how this can be problematic.

So what can you do to make sure we ALL arrive on the other side of inaccessible communication?

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